Darby and Chuck are the green thumbs of Hank's Garden. We grow great-tasting produce and beautiful plants and herbs. While we steadily farm part of our property, we are also committed to keeping much of our piece of Texas in its natural, uncultivated condition and sharing our space with deer, bunnies and other creatures.  

Who's Hank? Our business is named after Darby's dad, a green thumb who could plant a stick and make it grow.



You can buy super-yummy produce from our market stand all year round. You can also buy herbs and vegetables to put in your own garden. Don't forget to pick up some honey, eggs and fresh-baked breads and sweets, when available!



Sun. Soil. Water. Hard Work. 

We are all about all-natural. No pesticides, no chemicals, no animal by-products.  We grow all of our produce and plants from non-GMO seeds and we maintain a Class 2 Texas Nursery Floral License. We practice no-till soil management in our raised, growing beds. Our BCS two-wheel tractor is the workhorse that integrates fresh, plant-derived compost seasonally and keeps the beds tall. The bees are always welcome in the gardens, but the unwanted bugs are thwarted with safe, biologically-based pest management. The deer and bunnies are also dissuaded from munching with deer fencing.  Alas, the gophers are on their own. That leaves most of the taste-testing to us!


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